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   Excerpts from Chapter 11 of “BPD or Jezebel” by Scott Hensler regarding deliverance!

Whose job is it to cast out Demons?

                                                                                                               Now available at Amazon Kindle!

Why would God weep over us with our plight of possible eternal damnation, when all he would have to do is speak his spoken word to end the battle with Satan and his demons? By doing so, this would eliminate this turmoil in the spirit world that affects us more than we could imagine. Why, because we have been given the responsibility and power to do it ourselves and overcome the dragon of destruction through the blood of Jesus Christ. Note the need for blood, there needs to be a blood sacrifice and that has been accomplished by Gods Son, Lord Jesus Christ's generations ago. Now it’s our turn to get to work and undertake the task at hand! Adam cursed man in the garden and through his sin, we have fallen out of relationship and lost the protection and covering through our own willful continued disobedience. So, God called on his Son to make it right, what was wronged. Now he is waiting on us to pick up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God and fight for our lives and others. These are life’s that have been spared because of one man who willingly sacrificed his life, and that was solely Yahshua. Since God is a gentleman, and has given us a free will to choose wrong or right, then he is going to allow our willful bad choice. Through his word is wisdom and direction to be blessed, not cursed. So, if we choose curses through willful sin, then he will respect our right to parish by our own choice! As the saying goes… ignorance of the Law is no excuse and God's word is the Law without being under the Law with what Jesus Christ did for us. So, in his word, God through his Son as written in the New Testament has told us to choose blessing and reject sin so all may go well with us. We will always be in a battle with Satan, and his demons until Revelation is fulfilled. Without God and the power of the Holy Spirit as our ally, we don’t stand a chance.

    God has also told us through Jesus Christ to cast out demons, heal the sick and release the captives so all are freed. That is in respect of the great commission, one of the first things we should do, not the last. If it’s done last, then the rest of the great commission commandments will never be accomplished because Satan will detour us with sickness, continual re-sinning that keeps us in bondage, and even premature death. This commandment encompasses not just you, but every man or women sitting next to you in the pews under the nose of the Pastors, who is ignoring this commandment.  This is probable because the Pastors themselves has not been properly cleansed and struggle with deep hidden sin and curses. They are tricked into never revealing what they have done or are doing because of the trap of shame that now in snares them! This commandment would be a tall order without the Holy Spirit to release all who are infected. However, as Christians who are God fearing, but yet know who we are in Christ are given power beyond our comprehension to overcome Satan and his demons. That means you, and I are given authority to trample on our adversary who dreams of killing us in cold blood, God's people, and forever sending them to a second fiery death. If today’s church had not watered down the Gospel, and refrained from this in plain sight the instructions from the Bible on how to carry out our walk with God, we would not be in the condition we are in now. Not just us as Christians, but our Nation and the world in general.

    Most Christians I see are held captive with deception, brokenness with inner wounds that were inflicted by other Christians, and defeated with no more wiliness to fight, alternatively, just not serving God as he had intended his Saints to do in helping others in spiritual depletion. Why? Because we have not been taught who we are in Christ with full repentance of what we are capable of doing while operating in the Spirit of God and that we are in a battle for our lives, our souls, loved one's souls, finances, property and to battle for other Saints.

    We have been segregated into religions and beliefs that do not correspond to the word of God, thus keeping us from being in agreement as to what God's word says and God's intentions with instructions to stay in fellowship with each other. Thus, the sick and the dying are not able to defend for themselves and are needlessly perishing because the so called physically and spiritually fit should be their defense agents and are not. The spiritually sick are unable to use the power of the Holy Spirit to war agents the infirmities that are taking them down like a pack of wolves on a defenseless sheep. Those packs of wolves are demons with specific task and assignments that are subject to the spoken word of God from a man or women of God to stand down.  However, the spiritually sick have never been taught how, or the church failed to deliver God's word to even let them know that it is possible.

    Demons should have never gotten as far as they did in harming you, your parents, your siblings, or even your own children! The good news is that even a small child, who has been taught the word of God and is anointed with the spirit of God, has more power than any demons assigned to them or their family. When a family is in the Holy order of God and wars against such things, it is a threat to Satan’s Kingdom.  If a spiritually mature Christian takes his position seriously in God's Kingdom, then who can stand against them?

    So, whose job is it to cast out demons? All who are in Christ, all the way up and down the ladder of the Church, from the Pastor to the greeter at the door of your Church. If they are not casting out demons and healing the sick with a biblical directed Healing and Deliverance Ministry then they’re out of order.  God is a God of order. If this is not so in your Church, then you’re in the wrong Church and a non-compliant ministry is allowing the Saints in that Church to be picked off one at a time. That lack of discernment will eventually find its way to the leadership, and the Church will be subject to attacks from the enemy that will come from within. Probably, in the form of Jezebel blended with open Narcissism, BPD behaviors and Charismatic witchcraft that will infect all who are not putting on the full armor of God and standing against the wilds of the enemy!

    Some asylums that have housed the mentally ill over the centuries have been known to have thousand of patient's parish in just one room alone. This is unacceptable and comes straight from the pit of hell to emotionally destroy all who were placed there. If we do not attend to business and start casting out demos now in our Churches or other ministries, we are going to see this in our own homes, Churches and hospitals once again. If you think I am exaggerating or crazy, then look where we are compared to ten, twenty, of forty years ago. Depravity has hit us within. We are killing our own children at thousands a day. Drugs are wiping out whole families. Even our own government is now revealing just how godless they really are. Do you remember when A Congressmen, Senator or even a President showed themselves as a God fearing man or women? Now they reject God and are under the demonic influences of possibly Satan himself. This is why we need to cast out demos and heal the sick while we still can and get ready for the harvest that is going to come because God said it is, and be approved unto God for our obedience.

    If for one minute you think, you are going to slip past Satan by ignoring him, you and your family members will be under attack knowing he already has you and will in time again pick you all off one at a time. I see this again and again. Nevertheless, as long as you are alive, and your loved ones are still drawing breathe on this earth you can come out fighting with the Sword of the Spirit and God at your side.  You can take back all that has been taken from you and defend you and your family and win the good race as Paul the Apostle said to do.

    You can imagine what it would be like to fight in the dark against an assailant that naturally has an ability to see in the dark you’re every move you make. That is one way of describing the demons assigned to you and your family.  It is the ability that we humans are not capable of doing, seeing in complete darkness. Thus giving us a handicap that proves many times to be such a disadvantage to us that we are sometimes soldered where we stand and never saw it coming.  Nevertheless, if you had night-vision goggles, a full automatic weapon with full body armor and trained on how to use them, you’d stand a much better chance of securing your home and family as a safe place when the enemy attacks again. Yes, he will at the next opportunity. You can fight back and throw those fowl spirits out one more time. Now, at the next battle you should be re-armed in the Word of God, and now have been battle proven from the past and they will sustain more damage on their end then on yours! All our weapons are spiritual since we do not fight again flesh and blood. So if we do not put on the full armor of God, then we will be wounded in our minds, hearts, souls and fall like the soldiers on any battleground that proved to be inferior to their enemies.

    So stand and fight for your life and others, it’s what God commanded us to do. And yes, God weeps for those who parish because they did not. However, he does allow all who have raised themselves above him, and who have rejected him to make their own choice of choosing curses not blessings. We are all going to spend eternity somewhere; so this should be a no brainier once the truth is revealed and the truth is only revealed through the complete word of God and not what man has inserted into God's word or eliminated. Being at the feet of Jesus Christ and not being sifted by Satan while we are still on this earth can only happen through repentance and obedience. Which one do you choose?

    If you cannot find a local deliverance ministry or church to help, then here is an excellent resource to help you through self-deliverance and all the information, you’ll need. It's time to finally walk with your head up and the smile on your face that has been missing for years. The smile and the warm feeling you know you are loved. That’s what the devil stole from you…, and it can be restored.

    Excerpts from Chapter 11 of “BPD or Jezebel” by Scott Hensler on Amazon Kindle

By Scott Hensler 0/12/2013

Copyright -All rights reserved

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Deliverance from demonic infection and illness has been given to Gods Saints by casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. So is your Church doing that? Or looking the other way or saying it does not apply to today's Christians. That is a lie straight from the pit!


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