Blood Sacrifice Called Abortion

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This chapter is one of the most important in my writings. The reason is the times of the past are now our present, still yet to be our future. What I mean is the prophecies of the Bible are becoming fulfilled and history repeats itself. Never in our country’s history of the United States have we instigated or allowed the elimination of so many people right here on our own soil and abroad by the spilling of their blood than in any time of the past. This includes the wars we fought against the English, the Civil War and the American Indian conflicts which were really genocide. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam and virtually every continent, we as a nation have partaken in the spilling of blood on their soils. This always includes what the military leaders would call collateral damage involving civilians including children and the elderly. The term blood sacrifice is much broader than most could ever imagine and goes way beyond our wildest nightmares. Many of these wars were initiated for the sole reason of a blood sacrifice to taint the soil with innocent blood. This gives the demonic the right to rule and control the area under the direction of those in the occult including secret societies holding executives offices. This action of killing the innocent gives homage to Satan, and in exchange of the obedience in killing thousands of people Satan gives these leaders power and wealth. If you did not read the chapter on Freemasonry Illuminati I suggest you do so before continuing. I am going to point out just how far we have gone down the road of perdition concerning the misuse of the blood, and those in our leadership who have passed the point of no return for their souls and the soul of our nation. That misuse includes euthanasia, eugenics and war being a form of genocide with forced abortion being initiated soon. Forced abortion, just like the Chinese implemented in past years, eliminated an estimated 45 million girls (Female babies in and out of the womb) so China could have their 200 million man army. It is not just coming to America soon, it has already been happening in small scale for years! When you deceive someone in order for them to consent to an abortion it is the same as forced abortion. Our educational system and social engineering platforms have accomplished this for the past thirty years.

   Before I get too involved in this chapter I need to remind everyone that all sins past, present and future are paid for in full by our Lord Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned before, in order to receive this gift of forgiveness, repentance needs to come first. Repentance right from the heart and soul of the one who is fully sorrowful for their sins will be known by God whether it is legitimate or not. You cannot fool God, and God will not be mocked. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is the creator of the universe and cannot allow sin to be a part of His Kingdom. Truth, purity, love, forgiveness, judgment, righteousness and even vengeance is who God is. So to be in a relationship with Him you must consecrate yourself through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. This means for God to walk with you, you must repent and not turn back to prediction once you have accepted His Son. His Son paid the price of giving His life for the remission of sins. That meant the blood of Jesus Christ needed to be shed in a sacrifice for the payment of sins once and for all. The Old Testament was full of animal sacrifices to pay for sins, however it only covered the immediate sin and did not eliminate all sins as the crucifixion of Christ achieved. The blood is center stage in giving life or taking life away. So blood, having the power of life or death, is sacred to God and is not to be misused in any form or it is seen as an abomination before the Lord. The killing of the innocent or the birth of the newborn are all based around the blood. It is important to understand this and hold true to this statement so this chapter can bring to light the misuse of the blood in both the physical and spiritual. When one is covered in the blood of Jesus Christ he or she is forgiven and while in Christ Jesus, they cannot be condemned! Hold on to God’s promise as you continue with this chapter.

    Continued in the book “The Second Heaven Invasion”…

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