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The fact is abortions has  been a blood sacrifice all along that God himself has declared an abomination. After 40 + years since January, 1972 Roe v. Wade more than 65 million estimated children will never know life...

How much longer will God stand by!

Book Of Enoch

Where do demons come from and what are they?

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Letter’s from Derek Prince

Be blessed by this man of God’s letters to the end-time Saints

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30 hours with thirty shows of teachings from spiritual warfare to deliverance!

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Letter from

Marcus Samuel

One of his last letters before his death:

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Ephesians 5:6-21

    This scriptures command us to exposes darkness so the power of God will remove it. If we continue to ignore today’s evil surrounding us, we will parish from lack of knowledge. Do not be foolish with religion but walk in the spirit and war in the spirit, for the days are evil. You cannot negotiate with evil… you have to eradicate it!

Earthquake Watch

Video exclusive

Spirits (Orbs) caught on video going down a sidewalk captured by an iphone!

Orbs and gaseous vapor cloud (spirit) with audio of chain sounds as spirits passes by.

Video taken and submitted by Amanda in Spokane, WA

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As of 02/27/2018 prayer and deliverance are made available again!

Contact Scott Hensler  @  1-208-449-8069

Call and leave a message for an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursday each week.

Calls will be taken in the order received.

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Are you going to be one of the ones who are possessed in the last days?

Or are you going to one of the ones who stand strong and resist evil in Jesus name in the last days?

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Inner Healing and Deliverance show with Pastor Scott Bitcon of Phoenix, Arizona by Scott Hensler

Multiples (DID), alters (MPD) and inner wounds need to be addressed in deliverance!

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